Lou Tsaven de Noutra Tera
Valdostane Excellence and Fresh Products

Lou Tsaven is a gastronomic shop, managed directly by Francesca, daughter of the owners, and Marta, from the Garin farm in Gimillan. In the local dialect, "lou Tsaven" indicates the basket where vegetables, fruit and everything used for food, an object present in any peasant family. So here is an "agrimarket" of Valle d'Aosta agricultural excellences, a sales point of local products, carefully selected and tested: cheeses, yogurt, jams, wines, flours, chocolate and much more.

Rue Dottor Grappein 61
11012 Cogne (Aosta) - Italy
Phone: +39 347 3950509
Facebook: Lou Tsaven de Noutra Tera
Instagram: loutsaven_cogne